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YouTube will monetize coronavirus videos again


The world’s largest video platform has faced many problems with the coronavirus, especially when it comes to fake news. The Indian government itself has already launched a portal to combat them and TechGrits is also collaborating showing what is false and what is real about the epidemic that is spreading around the world. Now changes are coming for the portal creators.

When coronavirus started to spread across Wuhan, many youtubers decided to do local coverage, others decided to release information they found on the internet without even checking the source. This generated a huge wave of fake panic news about coronavirus and fake drugs, some of them dangerous for some people.

This caused YouTube to determine that videos talking about the virus became a sensitive subject on the platform and stopped being monetized, that is, their creators did not earn more for posting this type of content. However, as YouTube is a great source of information for some people, the site’s CEO issued a statement today.

In the statement, Susan Wojcicki says that:

“In the coming days, we’ll allow content ads that discuss coronavirus on a limited number of channels, including creators that accurately certify themselves and multiple news partners. We’re preparing our policies and enforcement processes to expand monetization to more creators and organizations. news in the coming weeks. “

The concern is completely understandable, after all, fake news is highly damaging both to readers who often take irrational measures shown to be true, such as avoiding vaccinations or even stop taking medications or even worse: self-medicating, which can be highly harmful or even make a virus even stronger.

That way, the platform will not allow all channels to be paid for posting videos about the coronavirus in any way, the YouTube team will select channels with verified information and compensate them if the information is true. More channels will be added in sequence, but at the beginning, few channels will be certified.

Pooja Kaintura
Pooja Kaintura is Managing Editor at TechGrits. Unconditional fan of technology and culture wants to share the knowledge acquired with everyone.

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