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YouTube reviews the controls of its mobile player


One IU magazine, a better presentation of the chapters, gestures to save time, suggestions: Application YouTube for smartphone facelift.

YouTube has announced an update of its interface and the addition of new features for its mobile application, both on Android and iOS. This is what must be remembered.

Chaptering improves

For some time now, videos can be chopped into chapters on YouTube. It will now be easier to find the content that interests us with this feature thanks to a new interface element presenting the different chapters of a video in a much clearer way, with a title and a preview thumbnail for each of them. between them.

YouTube has also moved the subtitle button to make it more accessible. It is now integrated directly into the video player. The button to manage autoplay has also changed the place to be more easily accessible when watching a video.

Open and close the full screen faster

YouTube mobile is also switching to navigation by gestures. Swipe up, and the player switches to full screen. A swipe down, and on the contrary, the user leaves the full screen. A significant saving in time and comfort: no need to press the corresponding key or change the orientation of the smartphone to do so.

The application is also starting to suggest actions that could improve our experience with YouTube: turn the phone, launch a virtual reality video… Other suggestions will arrive in the future, announces the video platform.

The update containing all these new features is currently being deployed and is being offered gradually to all users. Everyone should benefit from it very soon.

Source: Engadget

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