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You want an electric Audi? You’ll have to wait a little longer!

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Audi is one of the many car manufacturers who wants to embrace the electric car market. However, it does not seem to be as easy a task as you would like.

This week, theoretically, it became known that the launch of its first electric car for the mass market will be postponed again. Based on the news source, the waiting time increased to six to seven months, all due to problems in managing their autonomy.

Audi E-Tron Tesla Car

In fact, until now, the great Achilles heel of electric cars, for many, seems to be their autonomy. In this way, companies like Audi and not only intend, at all times, to ensure that their electric cars allow customers to get where they arrived when they used normal Audis.

Audi is just one of several companies wanting to compete with Tesla!

The truth is that there is no easy goal to achieve. Currently, LG Chem – manufacturer of car batteries in the group where Audi joins – turns out to be the only one and, therefore, does not give much room for maneuver to car brands. And that’s why, in addition to the delays described above, Audi will not produce 55,000 E-Tron units in 2019, but 45,000 units. At least, that’s what we expect for now.

It is worth remembering that these problems are not at all unexpected. After all, Tesla has been producing this type of vehicle for a long time and has gone through the same setbacks previously. However, these brands are only facing them now, since their bet in the market in question was later.

So it will be necessary to wait a little longer for this and other models to really reach the market. The will to have an electric car is much, much more to see the  classic  manufacturers to produce it. However, it is not something simple and can be sketched without going through obstacles.

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