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Xiaomi’s Patent shows us What the Smartphone of the Future Will Look Like!


Xiaomi is one of the brands that has actively contributed to the mobile revolution. Who doesn’t remember the first Xiaomi Mi Mix? Well, the smartphone of Xiaomi’s future has just been unveiled in a patent that gives us a clear glimpse of what to expect.

Still, it is worth noting that a patent does not guarantee that the brand will build the product. It gives us the guarantee that the manufacturers are working on something similar and that they considered that their designs and investment in research were valid to patent the idea.

Here is the Xiaomi smartphone that was revealed in the patent

Xiaomi smartphone of the future patent
Xiaomi Patent – Let’s Go Digital Credit

In this image we can see certain aspects that help us to understand what will go through the head of the Xiaomi design department.

Firstly, there is the absence of the front camera on the screen. In other words, this patent already introduces the long-awaited camera built into the screen. Then we have the screen coming in as far as possible from the edges. At the top we have a “little wire” frame that will hold the screen. The same will happen below.

But it is on the sides that things get even more interesting. The terminal stretches the screen with a serious curve and eliminates the side buttons. That is, as with Mate 30 Pro, the buttons will be placed on the side of the screen.

We also have the implementation of small “reference points” that are expected to be new buttons for interaction with the User Interface.

Is it worth dreaming of a smartphone like that?

As I mentioned above, nothing is guaranteed yet. However, mobile technology is striving towards a design identical to what we see in the patent images.

Therefore, I fully believe that it is worth dreaming of seeing a Xiaomi smartphone with this physiognomy. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t take too long and that its price isn’t as high as the competition (or its latest Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro).

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