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Xiaomi Pocophone F2 may arrive with desired feature

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The Xiaomi Pocophone F2 is one of the most anticipated smartphones this year. The first generation had a success like no other. The Pocophone F1 has sold even more and is one of the most impressive and striking smartphones of 2018. 

We are in a new year and the Xiaomi Pocophone F2 is yearned for by the fans. I have to admit that I, too, feel enthusiastic. The Xiaomi sub-brand has brought us a top of the range price range. Impossible to order better. 

Xiaomi Pocophone F2

So what do you expect from the next Xiaomi Pocophone F2?

The rumors are obviously clear. We will have, once again, a top of the range. This means that we will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and 6GB processor or 8GB of RAM. We also expect the Pocophone F2 to bring us a biometric sensor on the screen. That is, an AMOLED screen is also expected. 

But what I’m most excited about is the Pop-up camera! Exactly! Earlier reports said that Xiaomi has two top-of-the-line smartphones with a Pop-up camera up its sleeve. One of them, it is fully plausible that it is the Xiaomi Pocophone F2. 

Two smartphones with upcoming Pop-up camera

Live Apex

We have 4 top of the range yet to be revealed. This is to assume that Xiaomi does not launch us anymore. It is expected that the Mi Mix 3S and Mi Mix 4 will leave this year. Mi Mix 3S in the coming months and Mi Mix 4 at the end of the year. We still have the top of the range Redmi and the Xiaomi Pocophone F2. 

Since the Mix range stands out for irreverence I do not think Pop-up will be revealed in Mi Mix 3S. At least that one. Mi Mix 3 is an excellent terminal but the lack of the biometric sensor on the screen was what annoyed us. Therefore, this feature and the new processor should be the big changes. Another camera is also expected. 

Rumors say that Redmi will have such a feature but the information is vague. That is, the Xiaomi Pocophone F2 is the one that least contradicts this possibility. 

Personally I am a lover of this possibility. Since I do not use the front camera regularly, being hidden does not bother anyone. In addition, as soon as you open the camera in a decent place (with Mi Mix 1 and 2). 

Speculations but with logic

Bear in mind that all this is speculation. However, I believe that after reading this you think exactly the same as me. The leaks of information from the Xiaomi Pocophone F2 are still unclear, however, it is believed that the smartphone will arrive in the near future and we will have more details on what to expect. 

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