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Xiaomi Patents Smartphone With Biometric Sensor Never Seen Before


Xiaomi is one of the companies that are not afraid to innovate with its equipment. One such example was how the first Xiaomi Mi Mix managed to change the entire mobile market.

Now, Chinese technology presents a very peculiar new idea. According to its latest patent, Xiaomi wants to place a camera on its fingerprint reader.

Xiaomi patent

Fingerprint reader on the side and with a built-in camera

The image being shared by the Slashleaks repository shows us the return of the fingerprint reader to the side of the smartphone. But what stands out the most is its built-in camera.

Information on this technology is scarce, so we do not know the basis of this approach. Is it to try to further improve the response time of this component?

The truth is that the caption speaks at a speed of just 0.01 milliseconds. If this is really how long it will take to unlock your smartphone, there is no doubt that it will be extremely fast.

On screen without any interruption is Xiaomi’s goal

It is impossible not to notice that the screen of this equipment has no interruption. We see equipment with almost nonexistent and symmetrical margins.

We know that the fingerprint sensor will move to the side, so it remains to be seen where your front camera will go. The probable is that it is incorporated in the screen, something that the market already craves.

A patent is just a registered idea. That is, Xiaomi saw potential in this approach to the point of wanting to register it legally. This document does not oblige the company to use this technology, so we have to pour a good “pinch of salt” in what is shown to us.

Pooja Kaintura
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