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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3S: 5 wishes for the next high-end smartphone


The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3S should be around the corner. Remember that the Mi Mix 2S was unveiled in March and released to the market in April. That is, a year has gone by since its predecessor.

I’m not the biggest apologist for top-of-the-range smartphone releases every 6 months, though, I think we can all agree that Mi Mix 3 left something to be desired.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

The smartphone has brought a revolutionary slide camera but revealed no biometric sensor on the screen and is slightly larger than the predecessor. That is, it is not perfect for me that I like compact smartphones.

So let’s take a look at my wish list for the smartphone. Nevertheless, I fully believe that many aspects of this list will come true. Other aspects, just the desire to see a Xiaomi Mi Mix 3S like this.

On-screen biometric sensor OLED display

The OLED screen is mandatory at the top of the range in 2019 (cof cof, yes Apple). If you pay more for a smartphone it is good that you are offered what is best in the market. The OLED screen gives you more vibrant colors and superior autonomy on your smartphone. Although Mi Mix 3 already gives us the Super AMOLED screen, it failed to bring a biometric reader on the screen. Needless to say, we eagerly expect this to happen.

Triple rear camera

I no longer want a camera “for wanting”. The Xiaomi Mi 9 brought what many users were asking for. I want a smartphone that gives me the best sensors for what I want to do. That is, a “normal” sensor, a “zoom” for portrait pictures and a “wide-angle” sensor. The wide angle is increasingly important in my photography and I need a smartphone with such if I want to capture the best moments the way I see them.

Hole on the screen

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Yap! I’m not a fan of the slider! I do not believe that the slider follows the ideology we want in smartphones. A smartphone should be compact, ergonomic and without “loose parts”. I like to always be opening and closing the slider but I do not think that is the right choice. In this way, the most plausible solution for the Mix (with almost no margins) was a hole in the screen. I do not want notches. I think Xiaomi knows how to do something beautiful with a cut on the smartphone.

Resistance to water and dust

Hence this my fourth point. If I want a compact smartphone for some reason it is. One is the possibility of covering everything that is water inlet orifices. Xiaomi has never offered us a smartphone with IP68 resistance, it’s time to do it.

Improved MIUI

Although MIUI has no direct relationship with Xiaomi Mi Mix 3S, I sincerely hope that Xiaomi will improve its User Interface. Ando fed up of the Chinese ROM talk, Global ROM, US ROM. It’s time for Xiaomi to spend serious money on developers and make smartphones that do not bring users headaches into the box. By the way, I wrote about this headache a while ago. You can read more here.

When will arrive the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3S

I believe that the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3S is closer than we think. Rumors and information leaks are few, but Xiaomi has managed to keep its secrets. Let’s just hope it brings me some of these wishes up.

Shivam Singh
Founder of the TechGrits, has always looked at technology as a piece of knots. From an early age connected to the technological world, this is literally your dream job.

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