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Xiaomi Mi 9T, Redmi K20 or Pocophone F2 Confusion? explained in a simple way!


If you follow Xiaomi (or TechGrits) up close, you know that the latest Redmi K20 is one of the brand’s most relevant smartphones ever released. The smartphone features state-of-the-art specs, a pop-up camera, biometric on-screen sensor and a sublime construction with an appealing price.

Of course, that’s why the question that I come across is “when will the Redmi K20 arrive in Portugal?” This question is not easy to answer because Xiaomi will make things a little different this year.

Xiaomi Redmi K20
Redmi K20 – Picture from Антон Григорьев (Youtube)

Apparently, Xiaomi will take tomorrow’s event, which will reveal Mi 9T, to give us a more plausible explanation. However, we believe we already have a clear idea of ​​how this will work.

Redmi K20 will be the Mi 9T and Pocophone F2!

From what we realize, the Xiaomi Redmi K20 will be the Xiaomi Mi 9T and the Pocophone F2. The same smartphone with different names for different markets.

That is, in India, it is likely that the Redmi K20 will be the Pocophone F2. Since the Poco brand was officially launched there. Already in Europe we must have the models Mi 9T as a replacement for the Redmi K20. This is because Xiaomi wants to spread its name more strongly in the old Continent.

So let’s summarize what we believe will happen. The Xiaomi Redmi K20 and K20 Pro will be:

In Europe

  • Redmi K20 – Xiaomi Mi 9T
  • Redmi K20 Pro – Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

In India

  • Redmi K20 – Pocophone F2
  • Redmi K20 Pro – Pocophone F2 Pro

Everything will be cleared soon

We believe that tomorrow we will have confirmation to these suspicions. Xiaomi is preparing to launch smartphones in Europe and rumors say it will be the Mi 9T. After that, we just have to realize if the P2Phone F2 will come with the same hardware as the Redmi K20 and Mi 9T. Everything indicates that yes!

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