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Xiaomi is preparing to launch another handful of gadgets soon!


Xiaomi is still unstoppable. This is the technological manufacturer that probably launches more products per year, and in the most devirsificado segments. To give you a good idea, in just 3 months the manufacturer has released nothing less than 44 new products! Now, we have confirmation that this number will increase already next week.

During a conference to be held in Beijing on April 23, the Chinese manufacturer is preparing to launch at least 8 new products. The confirmation was given by Xiaomi TV, through the publication of another teaser in its official account of the Chinese social network, Weibo.

Xiaomi products

The big star of this event should be a new Smart TV, which according to the various images published so far, will bring several new features. We hope to see a much more advanced design, which should have a much reduced thickness and also a much thinner frame.

Between Android TV boxes and smart scales, the news continues to arrive!

As for the remaining products to be presented on April 23, the information is scarce. In the last image published by the brand, we can see only abstract representations of what appear to be 8 new products.

Through the image, it is believed that Xiaomi will introduce new Android TV boxes, smart lamps, smart scales, bluetooth speakers. There is also the possibility of seeing a new column with virtual assistant arrive, to deal with Google Home and Amazon Echo. 

Xiaomi event

Unfortunately, these are the only ‘confirmations’ we have so far about the upcoming event of the Chinese manufacturer. Most likely, over the next few days, the brand will still release some more pictures that may reveal some more details about the surprises they have reserved for their fans.

Xiaomi is undoubtedly the manufacturer that continues to surprise, continuing to go far beyond the smartphone market. The most impressive is not just the amount of products they launch per year. But yes, the level of quality they can guarantee in each one of them. Nowadays, Xiaomi is not only synonymous with “cheap products from China”, but also quality.

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Android TV will have another surprise for you!

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