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To Reduce Costs, Qualcomm Will Launch The Second Generation of Ultrasonic Screen Fingerprinting In The Second Half of 2019.


In 2019, when the newly released smart phone equipped with a higher proportion of fingerprint recognition functions under the screen, the fingerprint recognition under the optical screen and the fingerprint recognition under the ultrasonic screen began to compete. According to foreign reports, the leading manufacturers of ultrasonic under-screen fingerprinting systems with higher prices and lower market share are dealing with Qualcomm, and it is expected to launch a second-generation system with higher sensitivity in the second half of 2019. , grab the market opportunities.

Recently, Qualcomm’s 1st generation ultrasonic screen fingerprint identification system was sold on the newly released Samsung smartphone Galaxy S10, although the ultrasonic fingerprint recognition system is accurate compared to the optical screen fingerprint identification system. Degree, safety factor, wet finger and dirty work are more effective, but because of the higher price and the lack of response to users with particularly dry fingers, the identification function fails.

In response to these problems, Qualcomm is developing a second-generation ultrasonic fingerprint recognition system. It is understood that compared with the first generation products, the identification area of ​​the second generation ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition system is larger, from 9×4mm (36mm2) to 8×8mm (64mm2). At the same time, the thickness is not changed, that is, it reaches 200 μm. However, it is unclear whether the thickness of the OLED that can be penetrated by its ultrasonic signal is improved.

According to Qualcomm’s relevant sources, the new generation of ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint identification system consists of three major components, namely dedicated circuit-driven ASIC chips, flexible circuit boards and sensors, in which the sensor is built without the use of silicon wafers. Increased production and reduced costs. At present, it is inferred from the point of time that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launched in the second half of the year may be the first to use Qualcomm’s 2nd generation ultrasonic screen fingerprint identification system, but it does not rule out the possibility of Chinese brand mobile phones being pre-released.

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