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Hackers don’t Keep their Promise and Attack Hospitals in Paris!

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During the past week, there have been several reports that hacker groups had left the promise that they would not attack hospitals in countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it was confirmed by the French press that the various hospitals in the French capital suffered a DDoS ( distributed denial-of-service ) attack on Sunday.

Obviously, with everything that is going on with the pandemic, the last thing that hospitals need is to deal with hacker attacks that simply aim to profit from their actions and “spread chaos”. They have not yet identified the group responsible for the attacks, but clearly not everyone has decided to give hospitals much-deserved rest and respect.

Paris DDoS attack COVID-19

What is a DDoS attack?

The attacks distributed denial-of-service, also known as DDoS attacks, they are basically flooding of access to a server. This drastic increase in the volume of accesses aims to bring down the server in question, or at least make it extremely slow in order to stop being functional.

This is a very common practice among groups of hackers, who use these attacks to weaken institutions and companies that intend to attack. These attacks often leave these companies’ networks vulnerable to other types of attacks.

Attack was quickly neutralized, avoiding more serious consequences

According to a source at the Systems Security Agency (ANSSI), the attack lasted about an hour, with access to the servers normalized shortly thereafter. Fortunately, there was no permanent damage to the structures of hospital networks.

The rapid response to this attack was crucial to keep it from going on any longer. As soon as it was detected, those responsible for network security blocked all access outside Europe, which resulted in the neutralization of the attack. Therefore, even if the responsible group has not been identified, it is confirmed that they are outside the European continent.


Spanish authorities have issued an official statement to all hospitals, warning of serious suspicions that a group of hackers is preparing to attempt to attack their systems using malware on users’ computers by employees.

So far no further details about the suspicions have been revealed, but it appears that the “peacetime” promised by some hacker groups was nothing more than a distraction.

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