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Wireless: We tested headphones that can compete with the new Apple AirPods

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As Apple launches its new AirPods headphones, its competitors are elbowing to find a place in our ears

  • Apple has announced the launch of its new AirPods, now compatible with induction charging and the launch of the SIRI voice assistant.
  • Since the first AirPods at the end of 2016, the offer of this type of headphone has grown from month to month.
  • Momentum True Wireless from Sennheiser; Google’s Pixels Buds and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds that we tested are the newest competitors of Apple’s bestsellers.

Let’s do Apple justice: the apple brand was the first to introduce True Wireless headphones , without a single thread. Since late 2016, this type of headphones has multiplied on the shelves, each brand trying to position itself in a price range from 25 euros to … 300 euros!

Signed Sennheiser, Google and Samsung, the last competitors of the AirPods (which we will test soon) have arguments to defend. “20 Minutes” slipped them into his ears …

Momentum True Wireless from Sennheiser: audio quality first and foremost

Delivered in their gray fabric-covered charging case, Sennheiser’s first True Wireless headphones arrive on a market already well-occupied by the competition.

Momentum True Wireless: perfect sound quality, but some ergonomic concerns.

We obviously expected the manufacturer on the audio quality and it’s won. The Momentum True Wireless affirm the know-how of the German company and broadcast a sound of very high quality, with a broad spectrum allowing their use for demanding music registers, such as classical or jazz. Was this great listening pleasure, these intras are unfortunately a fault: their lack of ergonomics. The choice of the touch controls on each earpiece is very practical: as often on this type of equipment, the gestures of the index to be applied are sometimes hazardous and the proposed functions binding to memorize. Autonomy: about 4 hours. 299 euros .

Pixel Buds from Google: 40 languages ​​translated simultaneously

Two years after their launch in the United States, the intras of Google are over-the-counter in France. Owners of the smartphone Pixel 3 have every reason to be interested, since it is the only terminal with which they are compatible.

Pixel Buds: they translate 40 languages ​​thanks to Google Translate.
Pixel Buds: they translate 40 languages ​​thanks to Google Translate. – GOOGLE

The small case covered with fabrics soft to the touch of this accessory houses what must be considered as neckband headphones: a cable covered with fabrics brings them together. We can change the length by a small sliding system, but it is ultimately quite impractical. Different in appearance, the Pixels Buds are also different in their approach. In addition to a musical listening whose quality may lack personality, headphones are compatible with Google Translate. Smartphone in hand, it is possible to use them on a trip: pronounced sentences (40 languages ​​possible) in the microphone of Pixel 3 will be translated into headphones instantly. Autonomy: about 4 hours. 179 euros .

Galaxy Buds from Samsung: low price and inductive charging

Although less bulky than the first True Wireless headphones that Samsung had launched in the wake of Apple AirPods, these new Buds have a very plastic appearance.

Galaxy Buds: a very plastic appearance, but the music is good.
Galaxy Buds: a very plastic appearance, but the music is good. – SAMSUNG

Their audio quality is quite classic but gaining finesse and depth when paired with the Galaxy Wearable app. This gives access to an equalizer that allows to refine its settings. Thanks to it, it is also possible to modulate the importance of the ambient sound. The price / quality ratio remains good. If they can charge in USB-C, these new headphones have a possibility of induction charging. No base provided, but we can place them on the back cover of a Galaxy S10 smartphonewho will take care of refueling their small storage box. It is regrettable, however, that Samsung has not renewed the idea of ​​shipping a heart rate sensor in its headphones, as was the case with its first generation Gear IconX, handy for sports training … Autonomy: 6 hours. 149 euros .

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