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WikiLeaks co-founder sentenced to one year in prison

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Julian Assange is the co-founder of WikiLeaks, the infamous Web site that publishes sensitive documents and information on governments around the world. Assange received a court order in the UK for 50 weeks in prison.

That order was executed following the breach of Assange’s conditions after he failed to appear in court. The co-founder was arrested last month at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he was asylum.

The Twitter page of WikiLeaks quickly published the news, putting the phrase ‘violate bail conditions’ in quotation marks, giving a skeptical tone to the situation. The truth is that Julian Assange is a ‘target’ due to the content of his work.

Initially, Assange was accused by the United States Department of Justice of conspiracy to commit intrusion in government computers.

The impact of WikiLeaks on the world

WikiLeaks emerged in 2006 with the intention of allowing the release of sensitive information anonymously and securely. By 2010, the site had already published more than 10 million documents, some considered ‘top secret’.

It is obvious that this operation has generated negative attention on the part of the governments and defense agencies of the whole world, accusing the platform of great irresponsibility. Its servers are spread across countries like Iceland and Switzerland, outside the jurisdiction of the United States.


One of the site’s biggest leaks involves US Army analyst Chelsea Manning, who unveiled more than 700,000 documents related to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan during the presidency of Bush and Obama.

The documents show the brutality of American troops firing on unarmed Iraqi citizens and other war crimes. Citizens, pregnant women and even 2 Reuters reports were victims.

A more recent scandal came from emails from John Podesta, campaign manager for Hillary Clinton. About 2,000 e-mails suggest favoritism from the Democratic National Committee in favor of Clinton and even revealing the issues of the debates ahead of time.

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