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Which kind of person can work in Amazon?


For the interviewer, the interview is always a complicated and cumbersome problem. What exactly do you want to ask and how can you find talents that meet the needs of the company? Why are people at Amazon so powerful? “This book mentions the e-commerce leader Amazon’s recruitment process, which can be used by the supervisor to steal a few tricks.

5 supervisors take turns to interview and carefully confirm whether they meet the 14 principles.

At the beginning, Amazon is similar to a general enterprise. The personnel department first screened the resume and sent it to the heads of various departments to select the right person to invite the interview. The first phase of the interview was conducted one-on-one by the departmental hiring manager, which took about 40 minutes.

However, in the second phase, Amazon will convene five executives from other departments to serve as interviewers, and each of them will have a 50-minute one-on-one conversation with the job seeker. That is to say, a candidate can accept up to 5 meetings at this stage, which may be spread to 2 to 3 days. This kind of marathon interview is really tiring, but it is a necessary process for Amazon to confirm talents.

So what do you want to talk about and what to watch? In addition to identifying basic competencies, the first level of hiring manager focuses on identifying the “Our Leadership Principles” for the candidate. This is the belief that Amazon requires employees to practice at any time, including 14 items, such as: customer first, ownership, innovation and simplification, curiosity, advocating action, and asking questions.

The first interviewer will ask the second-stage interviewer to further explore and confirm the traits he observes, such as whether a candidate has the autonomy of autonomy and initiative to promote affairs. Therefore, the second-level interviewer often asks questions in an open-ended question: “When this project encounters difficulties, why do you think that way?” I hope to hear how the job seekers master and promote the work.

Regardless of the level, the interviewer will always pay attention to two things:

1. Collect clear reasons for enrolling this person

For Amazon, interviewers must look at facts based on facts and are not misled by subjective bias. Therefore, after each interview, the interviewer must input a reply in the Amazon system for the question of the prior request, such as “I confirmed the following facts” or “I observe the following for this point.” The observation of subjective impressions does not need to be recorded, such as “smiley and happy, and the popularity should be good.”

2. Confirm that the person’s excellent performance can be transplanted and reproduced.

If the model of success in other companies cannot be reproduced, the reason for admission is lost. Assuming that the applicant’s previous success was due to “being beneficial to the trading partner is a good manufacturer”, then when Amazon encountered difficulties in expanding the trading vendors, it may not be able to solve it smoothly.

The most important observation: Does his participation allow the organization to win the future?

When all interviews are over, all interviewers will gather to vote, and the entire staff will be admitted. If there is any objection, he will discuss his shortcomings from two aspects: “Can it be corrected by training” and “Can the people around can make up for the shortcomings?” If it still cannot be resolved, it will not be accepted.

Interestingly, the second interviewer will definitely include a “lifter”. This is not meant to sing the opposite of the candidate or other interviewer, but to “the person who lifts the bar up.” His function is to examine from a higher level, “Can Amazon grow more after this person joins?”

Because Amazon’s business model often focuses on the future of several years, it must continue to upgrade Amazon’s standards and identify future talents that will help achieve its goals. If the applicant can only maintain the status quo of Amazon, then no matter how good the talent is, he must be rejected. The lifter has special permission, even if the other interviewers agree to the admission, as long as the lifter says no, the result is not admitted.

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