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WhatsApp with Advertising? Facebook hasn’t given up on the idea yet!


So far WhatsApp has no advertising. Since it is one of the most used services in the world and the profitability is zero, Facebook is thinking about how it can introduce advertisements without making its users angry.

On Facebook Messenger, we have some advertisements in Stories and in the middle of chats, while WhatsApp remains clear of any advertising. However, as I mentioned, it may not last long.

Facebook promises advertisements made for you on WhatsApp

If users have synchronized their phone number with Facebook Messenger, the social network will have a full sense of what your number is on WhatsApp.

Therefore, this is where the social network will integrate advertising aimed at you. This is an important step when it comes to online advertising. As much as not everyone likes it, it will not be the last time that an advertisement made me buy a solution that I had been looking for some time.

Unifying messaging applications is the solution


In summary, Facebook is in the process of unifying its messaging services. That is, it is possible that in the future Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp will become a service only.

However, this leads us to question how the implementation will be carried out. Especially because I prefer to give my Facebook Messenger you do not need to provide the phone number to work. Just have a profile on the social network. As for WhatsApp, you need to give your contact number.

In short, you will be enjoying WhatsApp without advertising because we do not think it will take long for Facebook to implement the feature. It remains to be seen whether this measure will affect users.

Shivam Singh
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