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WhatsApp will push new features, making it easier for users to identify Fake News


According to the latest website WABetaInfo, the instant messaging software WhatsApp is testing new features, making it easier for users to know the number of times a message is forwarded. In the latest 2.18.80 Beta, when the user receives a forwarding message, the number of forwardings can be seen in the information bar. If the message has been forwarded more than 5 times, it is listed as “Frequently Forwarded” to remind the user.

Fake news and information are often disseminated through the Internet in recent years, and the instant messaging software WhatsApp is seen by many governments as an accomplice to the spread of fake news. In India, for example, local rumors of abducting children by strangers were disseminated through WhatsApp, and finally, innocent victims were killed. The Indian government has ordered WhatsApp to find ways to reduce the spread of fake news. In addition to reporting education and advertising in India, it limits the number of message forwardings.

False news, false information and spam have a special feature, that is, the number of forwarding is quite large. The new function of WhatsApp in the Beta software test shows the number of times of message forwarding should be one of the ways to spread the message of the above problem through WhatsApp.

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