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WhatsApp will now offer new and effective support Find out how


WhatsApp continues to impress with the amount of new features it continues to receive, constantly improving the user experience for millions of users. Now, thanks to the WABetaInfo team, we have learned that a new feature is about to be implemented.

In one of its next updates, WhatsApp will start to show support within the application, making it possible to contact the WhatsApp team directly through a simple message. In addition, it will also be possible to include technical details about your smartphone with just one click, which will make the whole process much more effective.

WhatsApp in-app support

How the new support feature in WhatsApp will work

As with so many other applications today, also on WhatsApp you will not need to send an email or wait for an email to be sent as a reply. Whenever you need support with any problem that may arise with the application, you will be able to send a text message within WhatsApp, directly to the support team.

In order to facilitate the whole process, the answer will be presented in the form of a traditional chat on the App, and then marked respectively once the problem has been solved.

This is another important step in the evolution of WhatsApp, which increasingly manages to offer a more complete and evolved user experience for its users.

The most desired feature on WhatsApp is yet to come!

New features are always welcomed with open arms and, while this may be an interesting new feature, WhatsApp users continue to wait for news about the most desired feature ever.

Implementation of support for multiple devices has been talked about for many months, but this novelty “insists” on not arriving. Its implementation will represent the end of the biggest limitation of the messaging service, which is not allowing a user to be logged in on more than one device.

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