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WhatsApp Will Finally Implement A Long-requested Feature


Some time ago it was said that WhatsApp was implementing a new feature that would allow users to completely turn off group notifications forever.

We all have one of those groups that seem to barely leave, but it is too noisy. Notifications are constant. Until now, we could silence the groups for a maximum of 1 year. Well, things are about to change.

Silence WhatsApp groups forever


The new functionality has already reached Beta users. Now WhatsApp users can silence groups forever. That is, that boring group will not bother you again a year later.

New storage format


This new update also comes with the new design in storage. You will now have more details in the downloaded files. That way, you can manage the attachments you receive in groups and chats in the most correct way.

When the new update arrives

There are still no dates for the arrival of the update for all WhatsApp users. For now, the feature is only available to Beta users.


You can also be a beta user by accessing here, however, take into account that the application may have bugs that you don’t have in the “normal” version.

WhatsApp continues to improve its application and grow in a super competitive market. Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, has done a fantastic job in implementing new features, however, it has also been said that WhatsApp does more harm than profit.

Hence it is said that the application will also bring advertising soon. Something identical to what we already have on Facebook Messenger. In this regard, nothing is guaranteed yet. Therefore, it is enjoying WhatsApp while it is good.

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