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WhatsApp was the social platform that grew the most during the Quarantine


The recent statistical data shows that the internet has become the greatest pastime of people in recent months. With many people closed at home because of COVID-19, this endless network has been important for the leisure of some and for the work of others.

With regard to social networks, WhatsApp was the one that most benefited from the quarantine that we have all been through. According to the new Kantar report, the messaging platform has grown by around 40% in recent times.

WhatsApp was the preferred platform for users who are part of the Kantar study sample. In contrast, Facebook grew 37%, while Chinese social networks, such as Weibo or WeChat, rose 58%.


The Facebook conglomerate benefited most from the quarantine

Kantar’s data shows us that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, together, registered a growth above 40%. It is individuals between 18 and 34 who spend the most time on the social networks of Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

These data are temporary, as many countries are still in an early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Portugal, for example, there is still no mandatory quarantine decreed, as in many countries on the American continent.

Europe and America are still at an early stage of the COVID-19 outbreak and we don’t know how long it will take for things to normalize. However, it is normal for the use of these platforms to rise further in these markets, with more people staying at home.

Internet consumption reaches record levels

The same Kantar study reports a 70% growth in internet browsing these days. Hence, it is not surprising that operators are sensitizing services such as Youtube, Netflix or HBO to limit the quality of the reproduction of their content.

This is because the internet, these days, does not serve only ludic purposes. Many companies have their employees working from home and this is essential for the continuity of their operations. Hence, operators have expressed concerns about a possible overload of the network, asking non-essential platforms to limit their bandwidth.

Second, in the table of Kantar comes the traditional consumption of television. Respondents by the organization show a greater inclination to watch television these days than using social media (61%) to pass the time.

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