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WhatsApp Wants to Combat “Fake News”. Understand How


According to the WABetaInfo leaks page, WhatsApp is preparing a tool to combat false news and misinformation. The information was found in the code of the app version in beta 2.20.94 and appears to be in development since last year.

The function will allow users to search for content directly through messages. According to the shared image, there will be a search icon next to the messages. When touching the mentioned icon, the user will see a dialog box asking if he wants to proceed with the search.

WhatsApp interface with new message search function

If the user wishes, they will be immediately taken to a Google search on the phrase, link or theme of the message. This function can help users to quickly check the veracity of information received in the application, be it news or potential fraud.

Imagine the following scenario: you receive a suspicious message on WhatsApp that may be a spam chain or link to fraudulent websites. When searching, you can immediately have relevant information and understand if it is a legitimate message or not. It is very useful.

Function may be useful during the COVID-19 pandemic

The truth is if WhatsApp launches this feature soon, it may prove to be quite useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Users can quickly filter any type of message or news, verifying its sources and legitimacy.

This is yet another effort on the part of Facebook to combat misinformation and more specifically, false news about the disease. We are in an era where we have tons of information at our disposal, but not all of them can be considered true.

Poorva Virmani
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