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WhatsApp tests sharing ‘Status’ directly on Facebook and other Apps


WhatsApp started testing a new implementation in its beta program today , letting users share their Status with Facebook and other applications. This is a feature that is still in initial testing, and will not reach all users simultaneously.

Users who have already received the feature will see a new button below their last published ‘Status’. Highlight is the option to share the post as a Facebook Story, but can be shared in any other application such as Instagram, Google Photos, Gmail or Messenger.

WhatsApp Facebook share

Is this the principle of WhatsApp and Facebook?

This is a feature that will certainly make you talk, especially after the great controversy generated around Mark Zuckerberg’s plans, to unite the conversational platforms of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

However, WhatsApp representatives have assured The Verge that there is no link between the accounts of the two platforms. To implement this feature, they’ve used the iOS and Android sharing APIs, just like all other apps do.

Another important detail is that if you decide to share your ‘Status’ on another platform belonging to Facebook, in your system, these publications will be totally independent. In this way, they want to highlight the fact that there is no interconnection between the different platforms.

In addition, this new feature will not have the option to perform automatic sharing for Facebook. According to WhatsApp, they want this to be a feature where the user has to make an active decision, not wanting them to activate an option that they can easily forget in the future.

Functionality may receive several changes soon

It is important to note that this is a feature available only in the WhatsApp beta , with no guarantee that you will reach the stable version.

In fact, if the controversy becomes too great, it is possible that they end up making several changes so that it presents itself in a different way.

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