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WhatsApp received a feature that many craved


New search functionality has arrived on WhatsApp. The world’s largest communication application improves (and greatly) the way of searching for information within the application.

The new form of search is categorized and you will find it easier to find a type of lost document or video that was sent some time ago.

New form of WhatsApp search


When you open the application you have chats right on the first page. You just need to click on the magnifying glass and you will see the search categories. You can write what you’re looking for, however, you can categorize your search to find the information more quickly and efficiently.

The new form of search is available to all users. Just confirm that you have the updated app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

This novelty reached the beta version in August. Therefore, we can say that WhatsApp is improving considerably the waiting time between features that arrive at Beta and pass to the public version.

WhatsApp still has much to improve


Personally I even like WhatsApp. Mainly because of the possibility of having encrypted conversations. However, we must admit that the application has a lot to improve. Telegram, for example, has more features and is just as (or more secure) than WhatsApp.

WhatsApp video calls or voice calls are far (light years away) from having the image and sound quality of Google Duo.

We understand that it shouldn’t be simple to implement new features in Apps, however, we have to admit that WhatsApp has been basically the same for a long time without something really new.

Shivam Singh
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