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WhatsApp Now Lets You Make Group Calls with One Click! See How


At a time when the volume of video conferences increased exponentially due to the pandemic of COVID-19 and the consequent global quarantine, the various applications that offer video calls are increasingly betting on new features to improve their services.

WhatsApp is one of those applications and as you would expect, they continue to work on developing new features. The latest implementation is very simple and may even go unnoticed by many users. However, for people who constantly use the App to initiate group calls between friends, it will be a welcome addition.

How to start group calls with one click on WhatsApp

First of all, it is important to note that this small implementation is only active for groups with a maximum of 4 members. Basically, whenever you have a group with a maximum of 4 members, just click on the video call icon to automatically start a video call with all members.

In groups that have more than 4 members, you will continue to need to carry out the additional pass to select which users you want to join the call. Before the new implementation, this step was always mandatory. Although it is a very small implementation, it is certainly a good addition.

Most likely, this limit was only imposed due to the application’s own limitations. WhatsApp currently supports only group video calls with a maximum of 4 members. Therefore, it would be impossible to initiate an automatic call with more users.

If you need to make a video call with more people at the same time, I advise you to try the Google Duo. The Google application, in addition to offering superb quality in your video calls, recently increased the limit to 12 users.

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