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WhatsApp Beta gets full version of Dark Mode


Although not yet complete, Dark Mode is a long way from reaching WhatsApp. The latest beta version with code 2.19.133 confirms that the app’s programmers are working for it.

In the images we can see some of the new changes implemented. We have the separator bar and links, formerly in that classic green, now all black with white letters for contrast.

whatsapp beta

Little by little, Dark Mode is part of the application in a more native and natural way. In the settings menu we can see the options with white letters, black background and the icons in darker green.

Certainly this will not be a final version and when Dark Mode is official in WhatsApp, it should display more organic and natural tones. If you are enrolled in the beta program, you can install this trial version.

More news on the way to WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp deployed a feature that was in preliminary testing on iOS. This is a privacy setting for managing group invitations.

Until now, an administrator could add anyone from their contacts to a group. Even if the person did not give permission, the addition was completely automatic, becoming annoying.

From now on, WhatsApp will allow you to choose which people from your contacts you can add to groups. Still not an ideal solution but a start. Ideally, once you receive a group invitation, you can either decline or accept it.

Anyway, this change is already available and should appear in the next WhatsApp update. Dark Mode is one of the most requested modes in applications.

Nandini Singh
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