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What is an e-SIM? Discover the advantages of this new technology

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The use of eSIM brings a number of advantages to smartphone and electronic device manufacturers, but also to us users. It will be possible to use a business number and another number for personal use or even a roaming SIM for the use of mobile data in another destination.

But what exactly is an eSIM? What are the advantages of using this service? All of these questions will be answered below.

eSIM: What is it?

advantages and disadvantages

The term “eSIM” means an embedded SIM card, ie there is no physical SIM card. An eSIM is a small chip that is placed on the smartphone and works much like NFC, which is used for payments and the like, for example, the Apple Pay and Google Pay services.

The information is rewritable, which means we can change operator without changing the chip. They are really easy to set up and program on your smartphone.

eSIM can be used in a smartwatch

The operation is very similar to an ordinary SIM card, is more reliable and less prone to technical problems. In addition, it is smaller than a regular SIM card and can even be used on smaller devices, such as smartwatches.

Apple was the first to implement eSIM, in 2012 Apple began to release the iPad and Apple Watch with the implementation of this new technology.

eSIM is more reliable and secure

The fact that the card is smaller and of easy configuration, in case of loss or theft / theft the data is safe. This is because we can request the blocking instruction from the operator or request the migration of the service to the new eSIM. At fault level the service ensures better connectivity and better service.

Easy to change operator

You can change carriers without having to purchase a new SIM card. You can change the plan or carrier in your electronic device settings. This means less time wasted, bureaucracies and waiting for new SIM cards. From the software it is possible to do all this.

ESIM and Dual SIM Features

With eSIM and dual SIM, we can have two plans from two different carriers. You can use one number for a professional character and another number for personal calls. You can still add a different data plan if you need to travel, you have the option to create different plans of voice / text and mobile data.

eSIM is ideal for those who like to travel

Theoretically, with eSIM we can travel to another country and simply add a new eSIM to our equipment, thus maintaining the main (personal) number. The disadvantage of using a SIM card, whenever we travel, we need to carry the mobile phone accessory with us to change the cards, even losing the personal SIM card.

With this new technology this concern disappears, we can easily add a new number to our equipment and remove later, without great difficulty.

eSIM: disadvantages

There are also some disadvantages. Let’s say you like to switch smartphones frequently or have multiple devices at home, which use the same SIM card, with eSIM the operation will be a bit more complicated. We will have to activate the service, via software, whenever we want to change or activate the service.

The same problem happens in situations where we run out of battery power or the smartphone fails, we need to insert the eSIM card into another device for an urgent call, and it will not be as fast and easy as the usual SIM card system.

YES vs. eSIM: what are the differences

SIM cards contain a unique 20-character ID number, called ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier). There is a list of services and two security codes. The first code is the Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the second is the Personal Unblocking Code (PUK).

All this information is required to make calls and to make use of mobile data. SIM cards also contain SMS memory and personal contacts. The memory on SIM cards ranges from 8 KB to 256 KB, enough space for more than 250 contacts. However, we recommend that you keep your contacts in a cloud or online service.

As stated above, an eSIM is exactly what it looks like an electronic SIM card. Instead of the physical card, the chip with the SIM technology is incorporated directly into your device.

eSIM is now available in Portugal

NOS anticipated MEO and Vodafone in the possibility of having an eSIM card. Vodafone was expected to be the first to provide this possibility since Vodafone UK already offers this functionality since the launch of the iPhone Xs.

According to NOS information, the eSIM is valid for all NOS customers and can be joined as of April 18. If you want to go to a physical store to make the membership only from April 24th that will be available in certain stores. (List of stores below, from April 24 with “*”).

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