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Watch here the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 with the first Starlink satellites

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SpaceX has promised to revolutionize space travel and the way we put people and cargo into space. His deeds are already unique, as we have seen in recent months, and his work is proven.

Now the company is going to carry out another trip, which will put into orbit the first 60 satellites of the Starlink network. It’s at 03:30 in Portugal and you can watch this release here.

Elon Musk had already shown more information this week on the Starlink satellite network. It wants to democratize access to the Internet and bring this network to remote places on the planet.

For this will count on a network of satellites that have already been presented . The first satellites will now be placed in Earth’s orbit, using a Falcon 9 from SpaceX.

It is expected that this launch will be made at 3:30 AM Eastern time, with the SpaceX team having an hour and a half window for that flight. Everything points to be within minutes that this release occurs.

Update 1: Postponed to 04:00. Elon Musk has already come to the public, via Twitter, to ensure that the launch will happen.

So we wait for this new window of time to watch the launch of Falcon 9 from SpaceX with 60 Starlink satellites into space.

Update 2: Due to wind problems, the launch of Falcon 9 was delayed by 24 hours.

Tomorrow, at the same time, SpaceX will try again to put the 60 satellites of Starlink into orbit.

In February, SpaceX had already launched two satellites into space: they were Tintin A and Tintin B. The idea was to test the technology of the Starlink network using this test equipment.

The ultimate goal of SpaceX is to put almost 12,000 Starlink satellites in the Earth’s low orbit. This process is expected to happen by 2027, providing high-speed Internet access to areas of the planet where broadband is rare, patchy or non-existent.

This first release is only a small part of a long process, as planned by the company.

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