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Warning: Do not be fooled by the new WhatsApp scam

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It’s becoming viral another scam in WhatsApp, so do not let me get you distracted! If you want to keep your information safe and away from prying eyes, do not respond to any message to allegedly complete the verification process. This is the form currently used by hackers to access the accounts of thousands of users.

This alert was given by the telecommunications authority of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) through its Twitter account. Although the middle east is the main stage of action of this new scheme, thousands of users around the world have already been affected.

WhatsApp scam

A simple click and go without WhatsApp!

The scam is very simple. They basically send a text message similar to the one sent by the application when the user is trying to verify their smartphone. But, there is a big difference, the presence of a link that will cause you to lose access to your WhatsApp account.

By clicking on the link sent in the message, the user is confirming his identity in the place the hacker, granting him access to your account. Once this access is granted, the hacker has the ability to basically ‘kick the user out of his own account. The scammer thus gets access to all your contacts, messages and multimedia content.

This is a scheme that will only affect the most naive or less attentive users, since in the official process of the application, the verification is actually done through a message. However, a code that is to be entered from within the application is only sent. In this case, the entire process is done automatically by WhatsApp, provided that the user gives their access to the application.

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Whereas WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world, being used by many millions of users every day, it is only natural that more and more schemes of this kind are beginning to emerge. Nowadays, private information from users has enormous value on the dark web. Free access to thousands of WhatsApp accounts puts very valuable information in the hands of hackers.

So you already know what you should not do! If you receive a message (SMS) from WhatsApp and do not have any verification enabled, do not click on any link!

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