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Walmart uses cameras with artificial intelligence to detect thefts


The large retail chain Walmart took a step up in its surveillance system. The company recently revealed that it has used cameras with artificial intelligence to prevent theft. This system is being tested in more than 1000 stores across the United States.

The system is called Missed Scan Detection and detects articles that go through the box but not through the registry scanner. Of course, during the day-to-day, there will be several innocent occurrences such as customers or employees making mistakes or forgetting to make purchases. However, this system may be useful in detecting theft, and Walmart believes so.

This would not be the first use of more advanced technology applied to retail stores. In 2018, Walmart started the Mobile and Go store model, where customers log in, register products, and checkout, all paid for by mobile phone.

This technology has been in existence for 2 years

Evergreen is the name of the company that provides this technology to Walmart, which according to statistics, appears to be working. One of the company’s spokespersons has stated that the stores that own this system saw a decrease in the loss of stock, either by theft or accident.

As always, privacy is an issue

It is important to ask ourselves about this surveillance system. How long will Walmart store the collected data? Also, do the cameras identify and collect customer facial data? The major retail chain has not yet commented on the use of this new technology.

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