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Volvo and Uber present their first fully autonomous car


Volvo and Uber joined forces in 2016 to design fully autonomous cars. The fruits of this partnership are already beginning to emerge with the introduction of a new variant of the Volvo XC90 SUV.

This new vehicle comes equipped with a series of technologies that allows it to be totally independent of human intervention. It is the result of the joining of the automotive engineering of the Swedish construction company with the autonomous driving technology of Uber.

Volvo and Uber have created a car that promises to be safe

One of the concerns inherent in a totally autonomous vehicle is the safety of its passengers and the rest of the cars on the road. With this in mind, this new Volvo XC90 was designed with technologies to support the driving and braking of the car.

Volvo says that if at some point the primary systems of car driving fail, these support systems will be ready to take action. These are designed so that the car can be fully immobilized.

This is the first step towards the creation of a fully autonomous Uber fleet

Uber intends, one day later, to launch its fleet of fully autonomous cars. This would allow the company to put on the road a series of vehicles that would dispense a human driver to take us from point A to point B.

Thus, Uber believes that Volvo is the best partner that could have chosen for this ambition. Volvo’s long-standing bet on the safety of its cars is the key ingredient for Uber to achieve this bold ambition.

It is not yet known when this autonomous Volvo XC90 will hit the roads

This car, born of the partnership between Volvo and Uber, is already ready to go into production. However, the Swedish construction company did not tell us when it intends to make this vehicle available to Uber users.

Volvo did indeed mention that this car will be the basis for the development of its own stand-alone cars. The first cars of the Swedish genre are expected to arrive in early 2020.

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