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US again fails to attack China. After TikTok, one more App survived!

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The United States has long been in an open war with various Chinese services, applications, and manufacturers. After prolonged attacks on Huawei and ZTE, Donald Trump’s government later turned to popular TikTok and WeChat applications. Everything indicated that Trump would even succeed in banning the world-popular social network, but he ended up not following through on the threats.

Now, despite the government’s decision to ban WeChat from the United States, the judge responsible for the decision has confirmed once again that this will not happen. New evidence was presented which, according to the government, proves that the application represented a clear danger to national security, an opinion that ended up not being shared by the judge.

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Trump administration wanted much more than just banning WeChat

As with Huawei, the US government’s intentions went far beyond a simple WeChat ban on American territory. The government also wanted to ban any type of transaction between the Chinese company and American companies.

This was the type of ban that caused the most damage to Huawei, preventing it from being able to buy essential components for its smartphones, as well as continuing to use Google services.

In the case of WeChat, in addition to obviously hurting the company, it would also seriously affect numerous American giants. Given this possibility, big companies like Apple and Disney quickly made themselves heard. Disney recalled that this decision could prevent them from accepting payments with WeChat at Disneyland in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

For its part, Apple believes that the ban on being able to use WeChat to sell its devices in China could represent a drop of up to 30%, which would result in large millions of euros in losses.

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