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Twitter removes accurate location in tweets

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Twitter will remove the accurate location sharing in tweets. In a statement from its support page it is revealed that the measure is due to the lack of adhesion of the users.

With this measure, the social network intends to “simplify” the experience of its users. The exception to this rule will be the tweets in which the social network camera is used. In this case, users will still be able to share the location.

Twitter will continue to ask for your precise location so that you continue to show local content – whether it’s ads or recommendations. In practice, Twitter accesses the same location (if you allow), but you can not share it with other users.

The functionality shares the exact coordinates of the user (if he allows it)

As a Twitter user 10 years ago, this is a frankly positive move. Sharing what you find in Lisbon or Alive is one thing. What this feature does is share your exact coordinates.

Given the notion of what it is, most users will not agree to share their precise locations. This is a great measure of social networking in terms of privacy. At the time of writing this article, functionality is still active.

This is an option in the social network introduced in 2009. However, only in 2015 Twitter began to ask users permission to use it. That is, although you share what you are, for example, in Lisbon, this reveals your exact coordinates.

In one of the first comments to the statement, a user asks “why mention the device that is being used.” This functionality is also dispensable and is normally used to demonstrate status through the device in use.

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