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Twitter admits that it has collected information from its iOS users


In a statement today made by Twitter, social network managers admit a new bug that affected the iOS version of their application. This involves collecting location data from your users that were later shared with one of your advertising partners.

The data collected was solely used for the purposes of advertising targeted to the location of users. In addition, the social network admits that these data were stored for a short period of time and that the bug in question is already corrected.

The now recognized bug only affected iOS users who used more than one application on the same device. So, if you activated the precise location, another of your accounts would eventually collect that data from your other account.

The data collected by Twitter never compromised the identity of users

Those responsible for the social network Twitter come to rest users claiming that their identity has never been exposed. The collected location data had an accuracy of 5Km square, which makes it almost impossible to unambiguously identify the users. Little more than your city or zip code has been stored.

Those whose accounts were directly affected by this bug have already been contacted directly by Twitter. Thus, the social network has informed the injured that this bug has already been fixed and that they do not have to fear for the security of their data.

Of this, the people in charge of the social network inform that they are studying the case thoroughly to make sure that this is not repeated again. In addition, they invite us to visit our security settings to determine what data we actually want to share with Twitter.

To end the statement, the social network apologizes to its entire community. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact them directly.

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