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Trump’s 2020 Budget will allocate more than $9.6 billion to strengthen cybersecurity


US President Trump recently drafted the 2020 Budget, and he still raised some controversial policies in the opposition, including the establishment of space forces, and the provision for the use of cyber security by the Department of Defense increased to $9.6 billion.

According to the news, in the 2020 budget, the relevant budget of the Ministry of Defense will increase by 5% to 718 billion US dollars, of which the network security related budget will reach 9.6 billion US dollars. The three main objectives include protecting the Ministry of Defense’s network and information. And systems; support military commanders; and defend the country. The cyber command under the Ministry of Defence will be expanded by the policy after it has gained more power last year to fight against overseas network intrusions.

The rest of the Department of Defense grants will be used to set up the Space Force, under the Air Force, to prepare for space exploration programs and related military activities. However, there is no detailed mention of how much funding the space force actually consumes. Of course, this draft budget is likely to be rejected and the budget will once again be deadlocked when Congress is under the control of the opposition.

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