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Travelers can pay for their US passport with Bitcoin


California company announces that it will accept Bitcoin for US passport renewal. A collaboration with Coinbase enabled this initiative.

Now that the US elections are over, administrative bodies can resume their normal pace. A Peninsula Visa initiative will allow travelers to renew their passports as well as complete other transactions via Bitcoin.

A reaction to confinement

The new date of November 6, but the US elections having caused a lot of noise, this information has gone by the wayside of many media. It was following the first confinement in the United States that California recorded a very significant delay in the processing of administrative requests.

Since all 26 agencies across the state have been closed, more than a million passport renewal applications were still awaiting processing as of September 23.

In order to facilitate the payment of online procedures, the company Peninsula Visa has announced now accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Test phase

For the Californian company, it is the “  right time  ” to offer the choice of Bitcoin to American citizens. To do this effectively, it has partnered with the Coinbase Commerce program to allow users to use their Coinbase account directly to pay.

This opens up the prospect for travelers to use a means of converting their currency which may be less expensive in conversion fees. Likewise, it is a helping hand to those who do not have a bank card or bank account.

This test phase will initially concern the renewal of the passport, the change of name, the creation or the renewal of a second passport.

It now takes between four to six weeks to obtain a passport renewal, compared to less than a week before the start of the pandemic.

Source: Cointelegraph

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