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Train in China “floats” at speeds of 600Km/h


Although the train is a not so modern transport, the evolution of technology continues. This evolution causes new materials and new possibilities to be implemented. tea in this public transport. The new Chinese Maglev train can float on the line at 600 km / h. A speed simply stunning.

Although there are no concrete dates on its launch, it is believed that the technology is being developed to integrate into the daily lives of its users in the next 10 years.


According to Chris Jackson, editor-in-chief of the Railway Gazette International, he noted that ” Chinese maglev is much more a research project at this stage .” He also pointed out that ” there are still no plans for a commercial route” of this train.

The design of the Chinese Maglev will float along the

Magleve Chnês

Unlike the other trains, which have wheels on the railway line, the Chinese Maglev has magnets that make the train float. This technology also means that there is no friction and, in turn, achieves unimaginable speeds for ground transportation.

Is it worth dreaming about a train like this?

As much as it is still early to tell if this is the future of the trains, I want to believe that this technology will win. Personally I prefer to travel by train by plane. Although the plane is faster (for now) the comfort of a train is simply more favorable.

A few years ago I made the journey from “Leeds” to “Barcelona” by train, and no matter how much I hated the 15-hour trip, I felt much more comfortable on the train than I would ever be on a plane. If this Maglev could make this trip it would be little more than 2 hours away.

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