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“Track This”: tricks internet ads with this new FireFox website


Firefox created in conjunction with Mschf Internet Studios a website that is giving you talk. In short, what the website does is open 100 tabs from your browser to simply trick the ads you see online.

Certainly you have already encountered in researching for a television that then your ads are just televisions. Even if you already bought it. Personally the ads do not bother me as long as they do not spoil the reading of the article.

But I also do not like to feel that everything I do on the internet is being “watched.” This new website called “Track This” opens 100 tabs in your browser to create a totally different history than what you are.

Track This gives you 4 profiles

Track This

When you access the website you will have 4 modes. You can open tabs for a person who is “Hypebeast”, “Super Rico”, “prepared for the end of the world” or “influencer”.

By clicking on one of them and giving permission to open the 100 tabs you will see that the content is all about the profile of a person with the style that was mentioned above. That is, nothing related to you.

Daniel Greenberg, director of strategy at Mschf studios commented, “These crawlers and these sites make you really shallow, they really do not make you feel like a normal person.” He ended by saying “We wanted to do something visceral that makes you feel like you’re in control again.” More in control than this is in fact impossible.

The adblockers problem

As much as you realize the use of adblockers, it is these services that do not let smaller businesses grow. If 4gnews had started on an internet packed with ad-blockers, we could not survive at this time. So let me thank you for being here and for understanding that it is worth supporting projects you like. Cheating trackers is fast and a lot more fun.

Pooja Kaintura
Pooja Kaintura is Managing Editor at TechGrits. Unconditional fan of technology and culture wants to share the knowledge acquired with everyone.

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