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This is a smaller laundry bag than the palm of your hand, allowing you to travel


For long-term hiking or camping people, after a day of trekking, the dirt and sweat are intertwined. The most troublesome thing is that you can’t wash your clothes, or you can’t wash them.

So in 2012, someone designed the world’s smallest and lightest washing machine, Scrubba .

Today, 7 years later, Scrubba has once again introduced a smaller and lighter version, the Scrubba mini , which is 1x smaller in size and 36x23cm in flat size. It is only 11×5×4cm in storage and weighs from the original. 140g is reduced to 70g.

But their design philosophy and functionality have not changed, they are still designed for ultra-light travel, camping adventures, business travelers, which means you can take less clothes and lighter luggage, whether on the plane, On the train or on the grass, you can quickly wash at any time, and you can wear the latest clean clothes every day.

However, they are all called Mini. The capacity is not too big. More accurately, it should be called a small laundry bag, but the focus is also on light carrying. It can clean 2 underwears and 2 pairs of socks at once, or a single piece of sweatshirt and shirt. , T-shirts and other clothing.

When it comes to the cleaning process, just put the clothes in the bag, add the right amount of water and a little detergent, then close the bag, and then discharge the air in the bag through the release valve, you can start washing immediately.

Made from durable polyether TPU coated nylon fabric, the Scrubba mini bag is a compressible dry bag with a patented fascia with a plastic knob inside that maximizes scrubbing when you rub the bag from the outside, 30 seconds Can be washed.

Officials say that washing in just 3 minutes can achieve comparable performance to washing machines, which is twice the hand washing efficiency. After washing, you can dry the clothes in the bag and then dry them together.

▲ Scrubba mini overall use process.

The inspiration for this portable pocket-sized washing machine comes from the sudden emergence of the inventor Ashley Newland when he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010:

I realized that I could only change a few clothes on the mountain and I had to wash my clothes often. Although the waterproof bag can be used to soak clothes, it is very inefficient, so I thought of turning the washboard that has existed for centuries into a flexible washboard. Bags to change the way travelers travel.

For long-term travelers, finding a laundromat or a hotel in a distant land is a waste of time and money, and traditional hand-washing is also very energy-consuming. After all, you don’t want to wash at home, let alone after wading in the mountains. What?

After the first-generation Scrubba was used by more than 140,000 travelers and campers, supporters wanted to pack more capacity to wash more clothes, while having smaller and lighter capacity for carrying around.

So Scubbba launched the Scrubba invisible bag a few years ago  , which is 50% larger than the original Scrubba laundry bag. It can not only be used for laundry, but also weatherproof backpacks. Even when the water is put into the bag, it becomes a temporary shower. Now based on the lighter and more compact requirements, this Scrubba mini is now available.

▲ Scrubba invisible bag. (Source: Scrubba )

Currently on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter , Scrubba Mini starts at 35 Australian dollars (about NT$775). If all goes well, it will be shipped normally in August this year.

But for people on a hike, the importance of one thing and the degree of headache may be no less than washing clothes, or just drying clothes.

Although there is also a hand dryer in 2016, such as ” Dry-Go “, as long as the clothes are placed in the middle of the Dry-Go’s two boards, the water vapor can be discharged from the small holes in the board, weighing only 400g, claiming 1 minute. It was possible to dry the clothes, but the project was later silent.

▲ Dry-Go (Source: Kickstarter )

If the Scrubba mini can be paired with “the world’s smallest and lightest dryer that can also be taken out of the door”, it is perfect.

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