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This Artificial Intelligence will analyze you in job interviews


The world takes one more step in becoming an episode of the Black Mirror series. Several startups have come up with proposals for artificial intelligence to improve recruitment of human resources.

These were created to solve the problem of remote interviews. Many companies choose to interview their candidates not face shape, as a matter of distance or because the work itself is remote.

However, it is difficult to perceive certain details of the interviewee through a webcam. Enter companies like HireVue, AllyO and Arya. All of these companies want to implement artificial intelligence that analyzes curricula and standards to find the best candidates.

However, the VCV. AI has an even more ambitious goal for the startup gathered over 1.7 million dollars to bring to life its artificial intelligence. This analyzes the face and voice of the candidates automatically.

How does VCV intend to implement this technology?

All this investment came from a joint venture between several Japanese companies and investors. The funding will help develop VCV technology and score position with a physical office in Tokyo.

VCV claims that its artificial intelligence can detect and eliminate any bias or human tendency. This is achieved through an early analysis of the candidates, automatic calls and even job interviews where video and audio is recorded for later analysis.

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Through this system, candidates can record an application video on their computer or smartphone. Artificial intelligence will then analyze patterns of behavior, mood, and nervousness to determine if the individual in question will be a good resource for the company.

The VCV states that artificial intelligence has not replaced a recruiter but is only a tool to streamline the interview process. This program can help companies save more than 20 hours in interviews and recruitment.

Some of the companies that use this system are L’Oreal, Danone, Mars and Citibank. Let’s see how things go if one day the interviews are all made by artificial intelligences.

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