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These are the keywords that give you the most views on Youtube


The Pew Research Center (not related to PewDiePie) has done a study on the keywords that drive the most traffic on YouTube in English today. These words are often found in video titles and description tags.

  • Fortnite
  • Prank
  • FIFA
  • Roblox
  • PUBG
  • Moment
  • Funny
  • ASMR
  • Challenge

As you can see some of these words are no surprise. Fortnite and PUBG are the most popular games of the moment. Joining words like this prank (prank, joke) and funny (funny), gives to create flashy titles only with these words.

It is obvious that one of the most viewed content on YouTube is games, aimed at children. Using clickbait emotion words like ‘ultimate’ and ‘insane’ results in more views.

The most relevant keywords for each category

Challenges are an important part of content on YouTube. Videos containing the word ‘challenge’ show high viewership performance. Recently, #BottleCapChallenge went viral, where users try to kick the lid off a bottle.

Beauty videos with the word ‘makeup’ are among the most viewed in this category, obviously. Instructional videos benefit when they put ‘easy’ or DIY in the title.

Regarding news videos, the words with the most traffic without obviously ‘Trump’ and ‘president’. The study indicates that 36% of the videos on the most popular news channels had these keywords in the title.

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