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The most profitable programming language was announced: Clojure engineers led high salaries, blockchains were seen as declining


Engineers are still the star profession in the hearts of everyone, but engineers also have many aspects. Before joining this industry, it is important to understand the current trends and the opinions of the industry. Stack Overflow, a Q&A site for 50 million developers around the world, surveyed 90,000 developers and recently published the results.

Python usage is rising rapidly, and Rust is the developer’s favorite programming language.

In terms of programming language usage, JavaScript has a deep foundation to win the 7th year of the championship, and nearly 70% of respondents use this old programming language. In recent years, Python, which has attracted much attention, is also the fastest-growing programming language of this year. It has surpassed Java and become the fourth-ranked programming language.

▲ JavaScript is still the programming language used by most developers. (Source: Stack Overflow , the same below)

The programming language usage ranks, showing that “Web Engineer” is still the biggest developer. The first two JavaScript and HTML are web development languages. It is worth noting that among the many old-fashioned programming languages, the 10th TypeScript is the programming language that Microsoft introduced in 2012. It is a rising star and has a high compatibility with JavaScript.

However, between the most used and the most popular, it is not necessarily the same. The most popular programming language leaderboard, Rust, led by Mozilla, took the top spot, with Python and TypeScript ranking second and third. The most frightening programming language is Visual Basic, which has not been updated for 20 years, which means that most developers don’t want to use this programming language. In addition, Python is like its rising trend, and it is the programming language that developers are most eager to learn.

▲ Rust is the most popular programming language for developers, followed by Python and TypeScript.

Clojure brings the highest salary to developers

“Which programming language can you get the highest salary?” It must be the answer that engineers most want to know. Engineers using Clojure worldwide have the highest average annual salary of $90,000. If you focus on the United States, Scala earns first with an annual salary of $143,000, and Clojure ranks second with $139,000.

▲ Clojure is currently the world’s most programming language for developers.

If you distinguish by job, engineering managers, Web Reliability Engineers (SRE) and DevOps are the highest-paid jobs, and the latter two have higher job satisfaction and the least proportion of new jobs.

Blockchain applications are still shallow, and senior developers are not optimistic about future development

Blockchain technology is seen as a future trend in many areas. According to a survey by Hired, a former US human resources bank website, the demand for blockchain engineers is increasing rapidly. However, the results of Stack Overflow show that up to 80% of the developers surveyed said that their organizations and enterprises have no contact with blockchain technology, and the most important technology application is in the field of non-cryptocurrency.

▲ Most developers revealed that their companies and organizations are not in contact with blockchain technology.

Despite the uncertainties in application, most developers are still optimistic about blockchain technology and can bring changes to life. But Stack Overflow specifically pointed out that most of the positive views are newcomers who are junior, and experienced veterans believe that blockchain technology is a misuse of resources.

In addition, Stack Overflow also investigates the reasons that affect the performance of developers, the most important of which is the work environment that people can’t concentrate on, and the second is the meeting. When asked who was the most contributor to the scientific and technological community last year, the most developers answered: Elon Musk.

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