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The list of the 200 most used passwords in 2020


There are (bad) habits that don’t change. According to the annual ranking of the most used passwords, drawn up by the NordPass manager, we find unsurprisingly the endless “123456” and “123456789” at the top of the ranking … as has been the case since 2013.

There are particularly recurring themes such as number sequences, but also brands of electronic devices or game licenses.

Bad habits of Internet users

The NordPass password manager has just published a list of the 200 most common passwords on the Internet. This list was compiled by analyzing the contents of compromised databases this year, or approximately 275 million passwords in total.

As every year since 2013, with a few exceptions, the password “123456” dominates the top of the ranking. This password has been found more than 2.5 million times in the databases scanned by NordPass! We find in the top 10 its logical continuation (“123456789”) but also “password”, “111111”, “qwerty” or “abc123”. Newcomer in the ranking: “picture1”, which was spotted 371,612 times in the analyzed database.

According to NordPass, Internet users use these kinds of passwords to easily remember them. The manager thus draws up 12 categories of passwords linked to popular themes that Internet users use a lot: numbers, electronic devices (“samsung”, “computer”), series of letters or even popular licenses for films and games. video (“pokemon”, “naruto”, “starwars”….).

The One Direction group excluded from the ranking

In this list of more than 275 million passwords, only 44% were unique, notes NordPass. This ‘hit list’ also allows to locate the whereabouts of some fashion trends: while last year the password “onedirection” is hoisted at the 184 th spot of the most used password, it was this year ejected from the standings. Did the band lose popularity, or did their fans gain more cybernetic awareness? This is the question asked by NordPass. You have four hours.

For all practical purposes, remember that to create a strong password, it is better to avoid consecutive characters on a keyboard, common words, and series of numbers. Use complex terms combining numbers, letters, upper and lower case. Likewise, change them regularly (every 90 days, according to NordPass), and don’t use the same password on all your online accounts.

Source: NordPass

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