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The Google Play Store again suffers with the rise of cryptomoedas


Bitcoin’s rise in value in recent weeks has led to an increase in malicious crypto-coin-related applications. The Google Play Store is witnessing an increase in apps programmed to steal coins from users.

The antivirus and virtual security company ESET has found two applications of the genre. One of them is the Trezor Mobile Wallet, disguised as the legitimate wallet, Trezor .

fake app trezor

In a first analysis, researchers have concluded that users of Trezor are not affected. But the Trezor Mobile Wallet is tied to another application called Coin Wallet and this is clearly a theft scheme.

Therefore, Trezor’s fake app turns out to be a gateway to malicious activity. ESET also added that the fake app appears second in search results, behind the legitimate app.

In the Google Play Store, Trezor Mobile Wallet shows images that are the same as the original app. Being present in the application store with the same design, users are fooled more easily.

Once you install the app, the danger starts

After the malicious application is installed, the user is referred to a registration and login screen. This screen is used for phishing, ie collecting user data, for illegal purposes. Everything that is entered is sent to the servers of the criminals.

The Coin Wallet application is even more harmful because it does not collect data, just the user’s crypto-coins. Instead of depositing the funds in the virtual wallet, they are diverted to the wallet of the hackers.

This kind of schemes are easy to create, unfortunately

ESET research also revealed that these apps were made with online templates that can be purchased for 30 or 40 euros. Hackers can later change templates to their liking and trick users.

The Trezor Mobile Wallet and Coin Wallet appear to have been removed from the Google Play Store at this time. Even so, the time they have been active may have been enough to gather data or steal crypto-coins from naive users.

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