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The game is too violent to be banned, and 10 Indian students were arrested for playing “Jesus Survival”


The big escape game “Peace Survival” (PUBG) has been smashed around the world for a while, but because the game is too popular, in order to avoid the influence of violence on young people’s behavior and language, Gujarat in western India In early March, the game was banned, and some students were even arrested.

Indian media reported that the operation had arrested 10 college students who were eating chickens on the mobile phone. The police said that the game seemed to be very addictive because the students apparently concentrated on the game, so that they did not notice that the police were approaching. they. It is understood that the student has been released on bail later.

“Jesus Survival” is still legal in other parts of India, but after many parents and educators complain that the game is too violent and distracting students, Gujarat has announced a ban on games, and local ministers even call it “all families.” The devil in it.”

Even if players in other parts of India are not affected by this ban, educators across India are still worried that students are too addicted to the game, alleging that the game incites violence and distracts students’ learning tendencies, for which PUBG parent company Bluehole He even made a public statement to the Indian media, emphasizing that they will cooperate to resolve these concerns.

“We also believe that being a responsible member of the game ecosystem is extremely important. We will continue to work hard and continue to work with parents, educators and government agencies to hear their feedback and understand what we can do.”

It is worth mentioning that FortXite, which is also a competitor, is not restricted locally. This may be related to several reasons: Fortress Hero also has an animation illusion and violence in Jedi Survival. The scene is more realistic, and the former is not easily available in the Google Play store. For these reasons, the survival of the Jedi seems to be more likely to become the goal of legislators.

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