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The design of the new Apple earphones is confirmed!


Rumors said that Apple had one more bet for its gadgets. The Apple Powerbeats 4 were picked up at a store somewhere in New York with a sale price of $ 149.

Although the value will translate – indirect exchange – in just over 135 €, this is hardly the value indicated for the European market. Especially with the Euro currency in the current instability.

Apple Power bets 4 will arrive in 3 colors

According to the image, the Apple Powerbeats 4 will arrive in 3 different shades. Black, white and red. Such combinations were to be expected, not least because they are the most used colors on your smartphones as well.

The earphones are wireless and the only wire that exists is the connection between the two that will then be placed behind the neck. This type of gadget is perfect for those who exercise and the prices of earphones capable of surprising.

Apple Powerbeats 4

As for the sound, don’t expect miracles. Personally I do not believe that, for now, any earphones are capable of having the quality of headphones.

Still, its use is not so “professional”. So, in addition to decent audio, these Apple Powerbeats 4 are expected to offer us more interactions. Namely with Siri.

There is still no reveal date for the new earphones, however, Apple does not usually make this a big event. Simply update your website and you’re done.

So, if you’re looking for earphones for your morning runs, wait a little longer. Who knows if this new model will be right for you.

Pooja Kaintura
Pooja Kaintura is Managing Editor at TechGrits. Unconditional fan of technology and culture wants to share the knowledge acquired with everyone.

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