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The best Smart TVs of 2019 to see Netflix: models and criteria

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The annual list of TVs recommended by Netflix to get the best experience possible on the streaming platform has already been announced. In the list revealed by Netflix we find several models from Samsung, Sony and Panasonic.

The new feature in the 2019 criteria is the “Always Fresh” function. This feature gives you the possibility to keep Netflix in the background even when the television is “sleeping”. As soon as you “wake up”, the platform will be ready to welcome you.

Having ‘Netflix’ button on the command is one of the basic criteria

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It turns out to be weird as brands like LG (and their OLED) are not on this list. Believing that it was designed in the most fair way, these are the recommendations of Netflix for its service in 2019:

  • Samsung Q950R
  • Samsung Q90R
  • Samsung Q80R / Q85R
  • Samsung Q70R
  • Samsung Q60R
  • Samsung The Frame (2019)
  • Samsung The Serif (2019)
  • Samsung RU8000
  • Panasonic GX900
  • Panasonic GX800
  • Panasonic GX940
  • Sony A9G / AG9
  • Sony X95G / XG95
  • Sony X85G / XG85

The Netflix Criteria

  • The TV should be able to connect instantly and remember where the user stayed;
  • The application should open immediately, come the user of another application or have just switched on the TV;
  • The Netflix button should be available on the command. Thus, the service is a click away;
  • The application icon should be easily accessible. Thus, users will easily find it on the television menu;
  • The TV is updated in relation to what happens in the background. Thus, the most recent content of the service is always shown to the user;
  • The text and images should be as clear as possible, and the latest features should be guaranteed;
  • The TV must be constantly with the latest version of Netflix.
smart tv netflix stranger things
Recommended Smart TVs should always be up-to-date, both in software and in background content

These are the essential criteria for Netflix to be able to recommend a Smart TV in 2019. If you are curious about the 2018 list, it remains available on the Netflix website . There you can find LG and Sony models.

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