The 8 best drones for beginners in 2020

Best Drones in 2020

Drones are no longer just for professionals. There are cheap and good models, ideal for those just starting out and, thinking about it, we chose the best drones for beginners, authentic platforms for fun and learning.

For those looking for a good and cheap drone with a good camera, the best for taking aerial photos, these are the purchase recommendations for 2020. We took into account the autonomy, camera, range, ease of use, and price of the drone.

1. DJI’s Mavic Mini

Mavic Mini
DJI’s Mavic Mini can also be purchased with the “Mini Combo”

Range: 4 km
Autonomy: 30 min
Photo: 12 MP
Video: 2.7K Quad-HD
Price : from 498,99 € on Amazon ES

Weighs only 249 grams and already has a 12 MP camera capable of recording video in Quad-HD (2.7K), flies for half an hour, and fits in your pocket. The Mini Mavic the DJI is the best for beginners drone and enables the capture of high-quality content.

For those starting out in this hobby, the Mavic Mini is the best drone without giving up the quality, both of the products, as well as the capture of video and image. To this is added a great and intuitive company application for mobile devices.

DJI is the best drone brand, and the Mavic Mini is its cheapest drone, with a great price/quality ratio and the possibility to produce very good content. Still, the price is relatively high, but user satisfaction is guaranteed.

2. Potensics T18 GPS

The Potensics drone has a very ergonomic remote control.

Range: 300 m
Battery life: 13 min
Camera: 5 MP
Video: 1080p FullHD
Price: from 139.99 € Amazon ES

The T18 GPS from Potensics is a good drone for beginners with GPS location so you never miss it. In addition, it is also possible to set the maximum height too, from there, take aerial photos with the drone, or use the ” follow me” function.

To help beginners, it has a low battery alert with automatic landing to a user-defined point. The flight is stable, with 9-axis control and live streaming of the video to the smartphone/controller screen.

The companion application is complete and simple to use, with tutorials to help beginners. To this is added the possibility of previously defining the drone’s route, with GPS location, so that it follows that same route.

3. Syma X8HW

Syma’s X8HW transmits the signal from the camera to the mobile phone in real time via Wifi.

Range: 300 m
Battery: 7 min
Camera: 2 MP
Video : 720p HD
Price: from 110.99 € Amazon ES

The Syma X8HW drone is an economical option, with a good camera for taking aerial photos and playing around. For its price, it is a very capable drone within the economic range, with good price/quality and reliable brand.

We can define a maximum height for the drone, a maximum ceiling that will help to take good aerial photos. It has the “headless” mode that helps, especially beginners, to control the device regardless of its direction in mid-flight.

To this is added the high/low-speed mode, as well as the 3D control that takes advantage of the gyroscope present in smartphones, the main controller. This drone is available in three similar models, all suitable for beginners.

4. Ryze Tello from DJI

Ryze Tello is also available in the Combo and Iron Man versions.

Range : 100 m
Battery life : 13 min
Camera : 5 MP
Video : 720p HD
Price : from 89.99 € Amazon ES

Ryze Tello by DJI is one of the best drones for beginners who want to take aerial photos, do acrobatics and learn to fly, below 100 €. The airline application is very simple, full of useful guides and tutorials to start flying.

It is a very light, compact, and fun drone. It is suitable for both children and those just starting out and wants a good and cheap drone that allows them to capture photography and video, with good quality images and acceptable footage.

You can find replacement accessories like propellers and more batteries. It is also worth mentioning the good Intel processor that speeds up the response of the drone, in addition to facilitating the capture of images with the EZ Shots mode and beyond!

5. Mi Drone Mini from Xiaomi

The Mi Drone Mini is available in the Mi Store with replacement accessories.

Range : 50 m
Battery life : 10 min
Camera : 1.9 MP
Video : 720p HD
Price : from 74.99 € in Mi Store

The Mi Drone Mini from Xiaomi is the perfect toy for children and adults who want to try this format. If you want to fly indoors it is a good purchase, also being able to do automatic stunts, preferably abroad.

It is very light, weighing 88 grams, compact, and easy to control from the mobile phone with the company application. It is a perfect mini-drone for fun and allows you to take aerial photos, in addition to recording videos with a resolution suitable for the price.

In summary, if you are looking for a technological toy controllable from your mobile phone, the Mi Drone Mini is the right option. It is available in the physical stores of Mi Store in Portugal, as well as in the online store where you also have replacement material.

6. Syma X5C-1

The Syma X5C-1 drone already allows you to photograph and record video.

Range : 50 m
Battery : 7 min
Camera : 2 MP
Video : 720p HD
Price : from 62.99 € Amazon ES

Syma has some of the best drones for beginners, with a camera and a competitive price, and the X5C-1 model is a good starting point. The users’ opinion is very positive, and it may even be an aerial camera for selfies.

The highlight goes to the ease of flight, the stability of the product, as well as the ease of assembly, configuration, and start of the flight with a drone. In fact, you can launch this drone model from the hand, with propeller protections included in the box.

To this is added the good remote control for a safe flight without breaking the signal up to 50 meters. It is also worth mentioning that this drone for those just starting out, has LED lighting that makes it perfectly visible even at night.

7. Potensic’s A20

The Potensic toy drone has two batteries and an RC controller.

Range : 15 m
Battery : 6 min
Photography : Not applicable
Video : none
Price : from 39.99 € Amazon ES

The A20 drone from Potensic is a toy for the youngest that promises good minutes of fun inside or outside the home. It is very compact, fits in the palm of the hand, and has protected propellers that make it safer for children.

This model has three adjustable speed levels, plus two batteries included to extend the flight up to 12 minutes. You can take off from any point, just press a button on the remote control, being very easy to control and navigate.

The manufacturer prides itself on compact design and robust construction, capable of withstanding shocks and other accidents. It is also worth noting that this toy can be used by adults to perform acrobatics with the drone or to learn to fly.

8. Potensic’s A20W

The Potensic toy drone has two batteries and an RC controller.

Range : 15 m
Battery : 6 min
Camera : 0.3 MP
Video : 480p
Price : from 63.99 € Amazon ES

The A20W model is a good drone for children and beginners who want a simple toy capable of taking aerial photos. The construction is robust, extremely compact and you can launch the drone from the hand, having protected propellers.

The highlight is the blocking/limiting of the maximum altitude, from which you can take aerial photos with a stable drone. It has a gravity sensor and you can control your flight from your phone, as well as the default route to take.

Although the price is already relatively high for the product itself, we have several technologies that help beginners such as take-off at the press of a button, real-time video transmission, as well as the two included batteries.

5 tips to start flying with the drone

1. Install the drone company application. It is from the mobile phone that you will control the drone in the vast majority of cases. So, when the manufacturer makes a company application available, install it, as it will be a great asset.

2. Check the battery level before flying. The drone’s autonomy varies between 5 minutes and 30 minutes, so to maximize the fun, remember to fully charge the battery (s), especially if you want to capture video and/or photography.

3 . Checks the memory card. If you want to take aerial photos, or capture panoramic footage with a drone, before flying, make sure you have a suitable memory card with free space. It is one of the most common mistakes among beginners.

4 . Choose the location, prepare the drone, and the command. Take the time to assemble the drone calmly and carefully. Checks the rotors, propellers, and control. In addition, choose a suitable location, so that flight is not a problem.

5. Periodically updates the drone’s firmware. The best brands of drones regularly update their products with new system software (firmware). Something you can consult on the company application and its website.

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