The 7 best PC steering wheels for speed fans in 2020


PC steering wheels elevate the gaming experience in competition simulators and racing titles. For fans of Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo, we recommend the best gaming steering wheel, complete with pedals and manual gearbox.

The selection takes into account the price, characteristics, and type of steering wheel for PC. We opted for the best steering wheel brands for PC, with options for those who want to buy a cheap steering wheel and for those looking for the best possible experience.

1. Fanatec CSL Elite starter kit

The Fanatec Starter Kit is a very modular top option.

Rotation : 1080º
Force Feedback : Direct system
Price : from 1099 € on Amazon.ES

With 11.8 inches in diameter, genuine leather cover, and perforated bezel, with suede applications and aluminum structure, CSL Elite from Fanatec is the best premium option. The LED display on top of the gaming wheel has visible indications.

The highlight is the direct engine for realistic and accurate feedback, with the base having LEDs for indication, such as the steering wheel. It is highly customizable and in the starter kit, we have two aluminum pedals. This solution is compatible with PS4 and Xbox One.

2. Thrustmaster TGT

The best PC steering wheel from Thrustmaster is the 11-inch TGT.

Rotation : 1080º
Force Feedback: Direct system
Price: from 757 € on Amazon.ES

The TGT model is Thrustmaster’s best PC steering wheel with a compact 11-inch format, full of buttons and controls, built to last with good materials like genuine leather, metallic applications, and little plastic in sight.

The gaming steering wheel is expensive, but it has one of the best direct feedback engines on the market. In addition, it brings a base with 3 metallic and adjustable pedals, but it has a catch, it is only compatible with the Gran Turismo 4 game on the PS4 console.

3. ThrustMaster TS-XW

TS-XW is one of the best flattened PC steering wheels.

Rotation : 1080º
Force Feedback: Belt system
Price: from 329 € on Amazon.ES

Thrustmaster is one of the best brands of steering wheels for PC and the TS-XW model whose steering wheel is a 1: 1 replica of the Sparco P310 Competition. It has a 40 W motor with cooling to ensure constant, smooth, and accurate feedback.

The system is compatible with Xbox One and Windows (PC). The building materials are aluminum (steering wheel and adjustable pedals), in addition to the soft Alcantara and firm base. Build quality and performance are great on this top option.

Can be equipped with the Thrustmaster TH8A manual gearbox.

4. Logitech G29 Driving Force and G920

The G29 Logitech gaming steering wheel is compatible with PC, PS3 and PS4.

Rotation : 900º
Force Feedback : Gear system
Price : from 274 € on Amazon.ES

Logitech is one of the best brands of steering wheels for PC and the G29 Driving Force model is the best purchase under 300 €. The price/quality ratio is excellent, as is the construction in steel, aluminum, and leather lining.

The pedalboard is made of metal, but the three pedals are already metallic, but the most important is the force feedback guaranteed by two motors with good steel gears. Durability is guaranteed, as well as comfort during game sessions.

Can be equipped with the G Driving Force manual gearbox. The G920 model is the same, but with optimization for Xbox.

5. Thrustmaster T300RS

Model T300RS is compatible with PS3 / PS4 and PC

Rotation : 1080º
Force Feedback : Belt system
Price : from 329 € on Amazon.ES

The T300RS gaming steering wheel has 11 inches, an aluminum frame, and leather lining in this good alternative. The base is constructed of plastic, as well as the pedalboard, although the three pedals have aluminum finishes, which are more durable.

It is available in several versions, with the player being able to change the steering wheel and maintain the base, for example. It stands out for its good engine dedicated to active feedback that guarantees a more realistic and accurate experience on this steering wheel for PC and PS4.

Can be equipped with the Thrustmaster TH8A manual gearbox .

6. Thrustmaster T150

The T150 model is available in several versions, including the Pro with another pedal.

Rotation : 1080º
Force Feedback : Mixed system – gear + belt
Price : from 185 € on Amazon.ES

The T150 model has an excellent price/quality ratio, plastic construction with rubber inserts for greater hand comfort on this 11-inch steering wheel. The base and the pedalboard, in addition to the pedals, are made of plastic.

The highlight goes to the hybrid force feedback system that already provides a more rewarding experience and good accuracy in racing games, having compatibility with the PS4 and PS3 consoles, in addition to the PC.

Can be equipped with Thrustmaster TH8A manual gearbox

7. Thrustmaster T80

The system has no force feedback , but it does have a console with 2 pedals.

Rotation: 270º
Force Feedback: Linear System/bungee cord
Price: from 105 € on Amazon.ES

The cheapest PC steering wheel that won’t bring you any regrets is the Thrustmaster T80, available in several versions. It is compatible with PS4, completely built-in plastic, with good texture and solidity in materials and used construction.

It brings two pedals in addition to the fixing base, tabs on the steering wheel, and action buttons. The price/quality is very good, and the linear feedback with the elastic system ( bungee cord ) already adds some realism and immersion to driving.

You have three types of force feedback in gaming flywheels

Gear – Older and cheaper system, but it produces more noise, and the feedback is more abrupt, less precise in the simulated force, and transmitted to the steering wheel. Below this, there is the elastic system ( bungee cord ) of feedback linear.

Belt – Newer system, superior to that of gears in precision and silence, in addition to the smooth transmission of power to the steering wheel. Some manufacturers combine the gear system with the belt system in hybrid solutions.

Direct – the player feels the force directly on the steering wheel, with no intermediate means between the engine and the steering wheel. It is the best technology, but also the most expensive, present in professional simulators and for price reasons, outside this list.

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