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Tesla will Finally Let You see Dashcam Recordings in the Car!


Tesla will start launching a new update for its cars, which finally brings one of the most requested features over the last few times. Since Dashcam functionality and later Sentry Mode were implemented, users have been pleading with Elon Musk to let them access recordings directly from the car.

Until now, to activate these features, users need to add an SSD or a USB stick, in order to record the images captured by the various Tesla cameras. Then, to view the recorded video they need to access it through their computer, and it is not possible to see it directly on the car screen. But, that will finally change.

According to information published by @greentheonly on Twitter, we can see how the new visualization mode will work directly integrated into the Tesla interface.

Dashcam Viewer created by Tesla has a brilliant interface

As he said in his publication, Green highlights the fantastic way that Tesla was able to integrate this functionality into the Tesla Model 3 on-board computer. Through a very intuitive interface, you will have access to the complete list of recordings made by Dashcam / Sentry Mode.

Tesla Dashcam viewer

After selecting the desired recording, it will start playing the video and offer the possibility to “jump” between the various cameras of the car in an extremely simple way. You will be able to see each camera in the four corners of the image, just clicking on the desired thumbnail in order to expand it to full screen.

Obviously, it will be possible to access this feature when the car is immobilized and with “parking” active.

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