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Tesla Model Y starts to be delivered ahead of schedule!

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For a long time Tesla (and Elon Musk) were the target of many criticisms regarding the fulfillment of the promised dates for the launch of new features for their cars and also new models. Disbelief in the promises of Elon Musk has even become commonplace, which often arrived several months late.

However, during recent times the manufacturer has completely changed its philosophy, managing to exceed its own predictions. After confirming that the new Tesla Model Y would start reaching users on March 15th, there is now information that the first units will actually be delivered this Friday (March 13th).

Tesla Model Y delivery

Tesla Model Y arrives several months earlier than originally planned

In addition to overcoming its most recent promise, it is important to note that Tesla was able to bring the Model Y to the market several months earlier than what had been revealed in its presentation. During the revelation of the new car last year, Elon Musk had confirmed that the estimate would be to get the Model Y to users during the fall of 2020.

Since initial predictions pointed to the arrival of the Tesla Model Y between September and December this year, the start of delivery of the first units in the middle of March is really impressive.

If for a long time the manufacturer was criticized for not meeting dates, it is time to be praised for concentrating efforts in order to surprise its fans by “beating” their own predictions.

Tesla Model Y

Model Y delivery is still limited to a restricted area of ​​the United States

As with the launch of other models, the arrival of Model Y is happening only on the ” West Coast” . However, in the past the focus has been almost exclusively on the state of California, and this time, we are seeing several other states taking delivery orders for the Tesla Model Y.

Although there has been no confirmation from the manufacturer, it is possible that this rapid expansion could indicate a faster arrival also to the various markets outside the United States.

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