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Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling tram in Europe in the first quarter

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The Tesla Model 3 was the latest model of Elon Musk’s company to reach the old continent. Still, the latest data from analyst Matthias Schmidt shows us that this car quickly became a sales success.

According to data published on its Twitter page, Model 3 sold about 19,500 copies in the first quarter of this year. Looking for other brands. only the popular Renault Zoe and NIssan Leaf were able to surpass the 10,000 copies.

Tesla Model 3

This huge success of the more economical Tesla cars had repercussions on the sales of its more expensive brothers. In fact, in the same period, there was a 60% drop in Model S sales, while Model X sales contracted by 40%.

Tesla Model 3 has already won European drivers

Tesla, as a car brand, was able to sell more cars in the first quarter of 2019 than brands such as Porsche, DS, Lexus, Alfa Romeo or Honda. Statistics that demonstrate the popularity that the mark of Elon Musk has been gaining in recent times.

These numbers turn out to be even more spectacular if we take into account that Model 3 arrived in Europe in February alone. That is, even with almost two months of disadvantage for competitors, this model managed to sell more.

In addition, the most economic model of this car was also certainly not the driver of this result. Having been presented only in March, their sales will have little repercussion in the figures presented here.

In short, we can say that the drivers are surrendered to this model of Tesla. Its considerably lower selling price than Model S and Model X is an important factor for all those who want to take the electric mobility path.

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